Summer Preferred, these Good Storage Stuff Worth Buying

With the heat and chirping of cicada, summer has come as scheduled. We took off our jackets and shirts and put on summer clothes and sandals. When we tried to organize the old things, there are piles of clothes and shoes. Did you worry about the same thing as me——The storage of clothes and shoes?

Don't worry, this summer, Meerveil provides you with the best storage stuff for solving this problem easily.


  1. Industrial Style Coat Rack


Perfect industrial Style Design, smooth lines, this coat stand is used in a variety of room styles. When you return home, hanging your coat, hat, and scarf on 9 hooks, sit on the bench, take off your shoes and place them on 2 metal grids.


  1. Bedroom Wardrobe


With large storage capacity, it can hold odds and ends such as personal belongings and toys. It has various advantages, malleable, waterproof, dust-resistant, anti-bacteria, easy to clean.


  1. Shoe Bench Organizer Unit


This beautiful shoe bench is like a small classic hall wardrobe, providing you with a good place to store shoes properly. You also can store not only shoes but also books, clothes, if you place the unit vertically to get a storage shelf.

The shoe cabinet does not take up too much space while making full use of the space.


  1. Shoe Rack/ Cabinet


The shoe storage cupboard can provide a lot of space for storing shoes, these shoes can be stored in practical flaps. There are 2 flips available, each flip has 2 adjustable compartments, so you can store up to 12 pairs of shoes, but the shoe cabinet does not take up too much space while making full use of the space.


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