International Cat Day- How Much Do you Know about your Cat?

International Cat Day is a celebration which takes place on 8 August of every year. It was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It is a day to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help and protect them.

This issue we will talk about topics that cat parents need to know about. Do you have any cats? How much do you know about your kitten?

Cat is more self-centered compared with the dog. If you call your cat to come together with you, it seems that they will ignore you in 80% condition. It does not mean that your cat doesn't like you. This behavior is determined by their habit. Cats are very sleepy, and they can sleep for 14 to 15 hours one day. Some can sleep for 20 hours even. If you observe your cat, you will find that they can wake up immediately as long as there is a little noise. And they are also curious, which is why they like climbing and jumping. Remember to keep them warm in winter because cats are scared of cold.

Or perhaps you’re welcoming a new kitten or cat into your family – let us help you get your home ready for this new addition.


  1. Cat Scratching Tree, Middle Size, with Looking Platforms and Hammock


This cat tree has four gradients for your cat to choose from, and the hammock is so cute. There are 2 soft and spacious platforms and with them, your cat won't have to squeeze into a small space anymore. They will keep Lying in this spacious room and do not run around anymore for all day.


  1. Mini Cat Tree,with a Hanging Cat Ball


Our cat tree is designed according to the habits of cats and offers a place for cats to scratch and grind teeth. The cat scratching tree protects your sofa, curtains, and other furniture from damage caused by your cat.

There is a ball toy on our cat tree, and even if you are busy with work, our cat tree can provide entertainment for your cat.


  1. Cat Scratching Tree, Large Size, Seven Levels of Different Heights


This cat scratching tree is designed in seven levels of different heights, with two gazebos, a slide, three platforms, and several jumping platforms. Your cat can experience the pleasure of exploring and hiding from several angles.

Compared with human life, the life of a cat is short. Perhaps, the moment you bring the kitten home, he/she is ready to accompany you for a lifetime.

International cat day