How to Watch the UEFA Euro2020 at Home in a Comfortable Way
UEFA Euro2020, also known as the European Football Championship, is the 16th European Football Championship. After one year delay for the match, finally, fans get the coveted news. According to the schedule, the UEFA Euro2020 starts on June 11th, 2021, and the match lasts one month.

Until today, the game is nearing the end, and the top four teams have been born. They are Italy, Spain, England, and Denmark. The UEFA Euro2020 semi-finals will start on July 5th.

Boldly predicting, which team do you think will win the championship? Tonight, as a fan of the European Cup, let’s watch the match together and cheer for our favorite team!

Can't go to the scene to watch the game? It doesn't matter. Even if you stay at home, Meerveil can also provide a good home atmosphere for you to watch the UEFA Euro2020.

1. LED Colorful Backlight TV Cabinet


    The TV stand includes a multicolored LED back light which can be switched between 16 colors. There are 4 lighting modes that can create a variety of warm and romantic atmospheres. The simple style can be arbitrarily matched with various styles of furniture while also allowing you to get rid of the messy living room.


    1. Four-Layer Open Corner Ladder Shelf


    Rustic Retro Industrial Style :Matte black frame combined with vintage shelf, this corner shelf unit can be combined with a variety of indoor spaces; The corner shelve provides ample storage space for storing any items, and you also can collect and display any football figures or cups.


    1. 2-seat Armchair


    The sofa frame is made of oak which is characterized by a hard texture, firm structure and good touch. The cushion uses soft sponge cushion which is not deform for long-term use, the surface of the linen fabric is dry and breathable. Sitting on this sofa and watching the TV with your family in the Evening, that’s the best thing after busy work one day.


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